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Agro Egypt started in 1995, in few years Agro Egypt became one of the leading companies in the field of agriculture depending on the experience of its founders that exceeds 20 years, the talents of its team members, and the trust of its customers.

Agro Egypt main concern was to apply the latest technology implemented worldwide in the field of farming, exporting and agricultural supplies (Compost & irrigation systems) and at the same time to develop researches and techniques that best match the needs of the Egyptian market, moreover, we have been working extensively on establishing key principals for the relationship management with its clients through the continuous availability of all their needs to maintain their satisfaction and to exceed their expectations as we believe that our customers are our success partners and the main driver for prosperity.

Our network of services cover covers all over Egypt and they include three main segments, which are:


Our prime range includes several kinds of Fresh fruits & vegetables, and as our main products is citrus,strawberry, grapes,onions


Our success in providing best quality compost, depend on a very rich raw material as well as the art of the process that takes 3 to 4 months.

Land reclamation

Our 20 years of Experience in Desert farming helped us to provide any new investor with a short cut to a profitable farm.

Our main investment was building a successful human resources management system that generated an accredited team of highly trained professionals which is recognized by the experience and multiple skills of its members, our aim was to provide the best work environment that ensures providing the best quality at work, and at the same time guarantees the strength of competition and superiority for Agro Egypt Company in the Egyptian and global markets.

Our Vision

  • To be the most reliable exporter of fresh fruits & vegtables in the global market.

  • To provide the best quality of compost to the agriculture and landscaping sector.

  • To assist in building a successful farm by using our accumulated experience of our highly professional team.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to provide integrated solution and high quality services to our customers in the field of exporting, farming and agricultural supplies, our aim is to meet and exceed our customers expectations through the permanent availability of their needs and requirement.

Our main philosophy is dealing with our clients as our partners of success and the constant availability of our products that meet the international standards.

We have solid development programs to our employees which enables us to be their employer of choice.

Core Values

  • Reliable Our products and services must be perceived by our customers as highly reliable

  • Up-to-date Apply and keep updated of the latest technology, and the availability newest international products

  • Integrated To provide full integrated systems that cover our customers needs

  • Trust Build a bond of trust between our customers and our team

why us?

  • The best quality
  • On time product delivery
  • Professionally Approach
  • Competitive prices
  • Technical support service
  • Ethical business practices

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